Performance Breakthrough
The FOUR Secrets of Passionate Organizations

About Performance Breakthrough

As the leader of your mid-market company, you’re looking for 3 things:

  • Faster, more consistent top and bottom line growth
  • Improved leadership and employee engagement
  • The happiness and freedom that SHOULD come with leading an organization

Performance Breakthrough works with mid-sized companies to help them break through the inevitable, predictable barriers to growth:

The need for the executive team to grow as leaders

  • Hiring the right people
  • Delegating, motivating and holding the team accountable
  • Envisioning the future

The systems and structure required to handle the complexity that comes with growth and drive predictability

  • Executing the right processes
  • Creating the right organizational structure
  • Implementing systems to communicate, prioritize and track progress

The focus, flexibility and courage required to meet the needs of a changing market as the company grows

  • Re-inventing/evolving the business model to respond to new competition or changes in the market
  • Re-inventing/evolving the organization to respond to the dynamics of a larger organization