Performance Breakthrough
The FOUR Secrets of Passionate Organizations

We tend to try to motivate people the way we would be motivated. We assume if we’re motivated by money, other people will be as well. Again, the key here is to incorporate a level of flexibility to support people in different life situations with different motivations.

If someone’s primary motivation is quality time with his or her family, incenting them with a cash bonus if he or she works extra hours will not work very well. Incenting this employee with addi- tional vacation time would be a much better idea.

Instead of assuming that all bonuses and rewards should be mon- etary, try some of these other incentives, depending on the motiva- tions of the individual:

  • Vacation time
  • Time for volunteer work or other special interests
  • Donations to their favorite charity
  • Public recognition (town-hall meeting, company newsletter, etc.)
  • Take them and their families out to dinner
  • Send them on a trip
  • Pay for training or a seminar they’re interested in


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